High-quality Tiles

by Villeroy&Boch


The expressive and multi-award-winning ceramic tiles by Villeroy&Boch have been a reliable factor for architects and interior designers for many years. Our tiles are also a commitment to high-quality furnishings, first-class design – and to the passion for creating spaces. Explore our vast product range and find your favorite tile.

Product selector

Our product selector supports you in the selection of the tiles according to all possible filters, technical and design criteria.

Featured products

Here is a curated selection of our latest novelties as well as some of our best-selling format and tile concepts our long-time classic PRO ARCHITECTURA 3.0 or the highly versatile ceramic tile concepts HUDSON, ABERDEEN and CODE 2.

Sustainable tiles: PURE LINE 2.0

A particularly sustainable product from the Villeroy&Boch portfolio is the PURE LINE 2.0 porcelain stoneware series. Thanks to an innovative process, valuable raw materials that only occur to a limited extent in nature can be saved during production, so that the high-quality tiles make an important contribution to environmental protection during production.

Tiles for every project

Whether you are renovating your home or realizing a professional project: Our tiles are designed for various application areas in private, commercial or public spaces.


Combining both form and function, our ceramic tile concepts can be used in all projects that place high aesthetic and functional requirements on wall and floor coverings.



From the bathroom to the living area to the terrace: Tiles from Villeroy & Boch are an easy-to-maintain, durable, and healthy floor covering for your entire home.  

Service for architects and designers

Our architects and tile experts offer personal support in the choice and use of our ceramic products in architectural projects of all kinds. Let’s talk about your project.

Find tiles per lifestyle

Our lifestyles ‘Classic,’ ‘Country,’ and ‘Metropolitan’ are part of our identity and underscore our brand’s commitment to crafting tiles that blend timeless elegance, rustic charm, and modern sophistication. Find your favorite tile by exploring our products through the lens of Villeroy&Boch’s lifestyles.


Sophisticated and artfully designed tiles for interior concepts that incorporate classic design elements. Our classic tile collections celebrate timeless international design, luxury and glamour.



Simple elegance and handcrafted luxury with a touch of rusticity. Tiles of our country collection are perfect for design concepts that are decorated with a rich, warm color palette and an abundance of nature.


Inspired by the cool and dynamic environment of urban living. Tiles of this collection reflect a high-quality and sophisticated metropolitan lifestyle with a diverse mix of styles.