Resource-Friendly tiles from Villeroy&Boch 

Villeroy&Boch strongly commits to sustainable building through innovative production methods

Building Materials for a Sustainable Future: Villeroy&Boch’s tiles are recognized with the EPD label and can be used in all projects classified under sustainable building certifications like BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, or similar international declarations. A particularly sustainable product is the porcelain stoneware series, PURE LINE 2.0.

The architectural series, PURE LINE 2.0, was inspired by the BAUHAUS philosophy, seamlessly blending aesthetics with sustainability. With its understated design, this comprehensive color and format system offers versatile, creative solutions for minimalist design concepts emphasizing clean lines as a design element. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, precious, limited natural resources are conserved during production, making these high-quality tiles an environmentally friendly choice right from the start. Furthermore, synthetic adhesives are not used in the transportation packaging, allowing it to be disposed of as regular paper waste and recycled.

Resource-Efficient Production

The production of fully colored porcelain stoneware tiles requires natural raw materials, which are finite. To preserve these resources, the PURE LINE 2.0 tile series utilizes an innovative approach: rare raw materials are concentrated and utilized only in the upper, color-giving layer of the tile body (approximately 2 mm). The lower part, which is rarely visible when installed, receives limited coloration. This manufacturing process is environmentally sustainable, without compromising the design possibilities of the tiles.

Application in Architecture and Project Business

The sustainable tiles from the PURE LINE 2.0 collection meet the requirements of usage group III and are well-suited for high-traffic areas in commercial and industrial buildings, such as shopping centers, train stations, or airports. Due to their slip-resistant properties (R10/B), these versatile porcelain stoneware wall and floor tiles can also be used in outdoor areas, staircase construction, or for creating barrier-free wet areas in healthcare facilities or hotels. Additionally, in residential and housing construction, this tile collection with its gentle matte surface is a premium choice for walls and floors.

Merzig, July 31, 2023

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Focus on a sustainable future: The Eczacıbaşı Tile Group

Our holding, the Eczacıbaşı Tile Group, is one of the largest tile companies in Europe and heavily investing in sustainable production solutions. Thanks to optimized processes, our products already contain up to 30% of recycled material, the new land-based solar energy plant will meet 50% of our total electricity consumption in 2025, and the supply of purified waste-water continuously reduces fresh water consumption. Find out more about our environmentally friendly production processes and materials.

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