Pure Line 2.0

Purist design meets innovative sustainability

Application in architecture and project business

The sustainable tiles of the PURE LINE 2.0 collection meet the requirements of Stress Group III and are particularly suitable for high-traffic areas in commercial and industrial buildings such as shopping centers, train stations or airports. Thanks to their slip-resistant properties (R10/B), the versatile wall and floor tiles made of porcelain stoneware can also be used in outdoor areas, in staircase construction or for designing barrier-free wet areas in clinics or hotels. They also cut a fine figure in house and apartment construction with their soft, matte surface.

About the tile collection

The PURE LINE 2.0 architectural series was created in line with the BAUHAUS philosophy and combines aesthetics with sustainability: with its restrained design, the comprehensive color and format system enables diverse, creative solutions for purist design concepts in which clear lines dominate as a stylistic device. Thanks to an innovative process, valuable raw materials that occur only in limited quantities in nature can be saved during production, so that the high-quality tiles already make an important contribution to environmental protection during manufacture.

Great Tiles

A special highlight of the PURE LINE 2.0 tile collection are the XXL tiles in 120 x 120 cm format. Tiles in large format are currently in great demand and, with their reduced proportion of joints, give room concepts a generous and high-quality overall impression. The large-format wall and floor tiles from Villeroy&Boch are also characterized by their high resilience: Like all tiles in the collection, the XXL tiles are also available in a thickness of 12 mm and, as porcelain stoneware tiles, are also suitable for laying in outdoor areas.



Healthcare, Hospitality, Residential construction, Retail, Staircase building, Transit



Purist design

The PURE LINE 2.0 tile collection was developed for minimalist design. The purist porcelain stoneware tiles feature a matte surface and are available in two color lines: a warm-toned line and a cool-toned line, each composed of four shades of the gray-brown spectrum. This gives architects, planners and professionals the opportunity to select the floor and wall covering according to the basic mood of their design scheme. The subtle color gradations within the color series allow harmonious color combinations to be created or contrasting surfaces to be formed, depending on the room concept.

A wide range of installation options

The PURE LINE 2.0 tile series is not only a color system, but also a comprehensive, universally applicable format concept. Seven coordinated formats enable a wide variety of installations - from a single format or in combination with each other. The following are available: 30 x 60 cm, 60 x 60 cm, 30 x 120 cm, 60 x 120 cm, 7.5 x 7.5 cm, 7.5 x 60 cm and 15 x 60 cm. Special elegance and generosity brings the XXL tile format 120 x 120 cm into the room. All formats of the PURE LINE 2.0 tile collection are modularly coordinated and can be combined with each other to match the grout cut.

High load-bearing capacity

With a thickness of 12 mm, all formats from the mosaic to the large format 120 x 120 cm meet the requirements of stress group III. This high load-bearing capacity of tiles is prescribed, for example, in shopping arcades, food, retail or wholesale stores, as well as in heavily frequented areas at train stations or airports. In addition, the surface of the tiles is suitable for areas where moisture is to be expected permanently and for which the slip resistance classes R10 and B are prescribed. This makes the versatile color and format concept PURE LINE 2.0 an ideal tile system for equipping modern commercial and industrial buildings that place high demands on flooring.

Tiled designs throughout

The PURE LINE 2.0 porcelain stoneware series is a further development of the successful PURE LINE architectural series and an all-rounder for tiling walls and floors. The color and format concept enables the creation of consistently tiled designs in interior and exterior areas of all kinds. The design of barrier-free showers in wet areas is also possible due to the slip-resistant properties of the tiles (R10/B). This makes the PURE LINE 2.0 tile collection particularly suitable for furnishing care facilities such as clinics, hospitals or retirement homes. PURE LINE 2.0 is also an ideal floor covering for hotels and lodging establishments, which for reasons of comfort and accessibility have an increasing need for floor-level showers and wet areas.

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