High-quality porcelain stoneware in a lively stone look for modern country house

The characteristic look of an expressive natural stone interpreted with a special flair for ceramic design in high-quality VilboStone porcelain stoneware: With its detailed stone look with pronounced veins and grains, the RUSTIC BLEND tile series from Villeroy&Boch Tiles lends any room an irresistible, natural charm.

RUSTIC BLEND impresses with a rustic stone look: the varied, lively surface has a fascinating depth effect that draws all eyes to it. Fine natural shades derived from grey, beige and cream coloured natural stones deepen the authentic character and pure aesthetics of the robust, durable tiles, which are particularly hard-wearing, easy to clean and easy to maintain thanks to the VilbostonePlus surface finish.

The RUSTIC BLEND tile series is available in the three typical, soft stone colours; beige, light grey and medium grey, and in the large formats 60 x 120 cm, 80 x 80 cm and 60 x 60 cm. As there are only a few joints when the large formats are laid, the matt porcelain stoneware tiles create a lively, continuous and very harmonious overall appearance. Equipped with slip resistance R10/B, the tiles can be used in all areas of the private home – from the living room to the floor-level shower. For successful wall connections, 5 x 60 cm plinths are available in all colours.

The timeless, natural beauty and rustic flair of RUSTIC BLEND create a relaxed, inviting living atmosphere throughout the home, exuding warmth and comfort – ideal for the modern country house interior at home.





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