Three authentic stone looks with artistic decor concepts – three individual looks

Antique natural stones and floral patterns inspired by genuine Venetian fabrics – Villeroy&Boch Tiles revives the aesthetic heritage of the premium brand and presents the timelessly elegant TRI.ART tile series: authentic stone images merge with traditional decorations in a refined heritage look. The combination of stone textures and fabric structures, of clear natural stone looks and floral-ornamental motifs reflects a classic lifestyle that loves an ambience in which traditional and modern design elements are in perfect harmony.

The high-quality ceramic design of TRI.ART acts with the contemporary interpretation of selected stones and emphasises their unique personality and everlasting beauty in the respective, natural colour scheme. There is a choice of three stone looks: St. Pierre in warm beige, Duna in light white-grey and Dolomia in soft greige. With their subtle inclusions and fine grains, the matt surfaces are reminiscent of the natural models – St. Pierre of the masonry stones of historical cathedrals, Duna of sandstones of Roman origin and Dolomia of the typical limestone from the Italian Dolomites

Two matching decorations were developed for each stone look: reliefs carefully carved out of the stone surface that play visually and haptically with lively geometric structures and bring fascinating movement to the wall surfaces, and wallpaper decors that create impressive wall pictures when laid in repeat.

The three full-surface decorations are the highlights of TRI.ART. The damask décor accentuates the St. Pierre stone look with stylised motifs of small blossoms, graceful acanthus leaves and delicate feathers in a soft greige tone. To this end, the surface adapts the special weaving technique of damask and lends wall surfaces an incomparable sophistication with its exquisite decoration.

With its charming floral pattern, the blue paisley décor enlivens the restrained Duna stone look. Named after the small Scottish town near Glasgow, which was famous for its textile processing in the 19th century, the popular pattern plays with intricate, oriental-looking floral patterns and ornaments, transforming wall surfaces into enchanting canvases of breathtaking beauty.

The name gobelin already reveals where the decor for the expressive stone look Dolomia is derived from: Inspired by the imposing tapestries that adorn historic castle halls with their woven-in images and motifs, the meticulous attention to detail and rich variety of colours of this timeless craftsmanship was transferred to ceramics. The result is a decoration in an elegant shade of brown that beautifully accentuates the intricate botanical patterns.

The 7 mm thick stoneware tiles for the wall are available in all stone looks and decorations, each in the 40 x 120 cm format. Equipped with the easy-care CeramicPlus surface, the basic and decorative tiles can be cleaned quickly and easily with water and a soft cloth.

For harmonious floor designs, high-quality VilboStone porcelain stoneware tiles in the large formats 60 x 120 cm and 60 x 60 cm are available in colours and surface structures that match the wall tiles. They deepen the respective characteristics of the stone looks and form the ideal basis for exquisite room designs. For successful wall connections, 5 x 60 cm plinths are also available in all colours. Thanks to the VilbostonePlus ceramic surface finish, the matt porcelain stoneware is also extremely easy to clean. The tiles offer R10/B slip resistance and can therefore be used in all private living areas and in various architectural projects.

With its authentic stone looks, carefully crafted relief designs and refined heritage decorations, the TIR.ART tile series is recommended for sophisticated interior design in prestigious private living and in upmarket hotel, office, practice and shop construction. The large formats of the wall and floor tiles bring out the fascinating effect of the ceramic in a particularly impressive way.






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